Graco Travel Crib

This graco crib is a travel Lite Crib,and it  has four colors.

Graco Travel Lite Crib Graco Travel CribGraco Travel Lite Crib4 Graco Travel Crib

Graco Travel Lite Crib5 Graco Travel CribGraco Travel Lite Crib6 Graco Travel Crib
And the last color has been sold out.You can buy it from other sellers.It is in a little discount !
The list price is 179.99$ from other sellers,and now 155$.
The most  popular one is because of the nice color.The other three ones is also at high quality.
If you don’t like the color and want to wait the big discount.Just wait a few days,you will get it.
This  travel graco crib has a bassinet.Yes it is very convenient to place baby’s clothes and toys.
Let’s look at some features:
Indoor crown mobile plush toy and entertainment shade
Fold the cradle of full size, portable, weighing less than 20 pounds
Less than 20% of traditional packing play
For the convenience of travel bag carrying light
The four aspects of the grid to improve ventilation
Some Reviews:
I love this bassinet and play. We bought it specifically for small size.
Conclusion: if you want to look for a smaller version of a pack and play. You can choose it.
On this site is not fair photos of the fabric – it’s more cute!
I want a set of complete! Have good soft blue and green accents, besides cream tan and collocation.
It’s fast and easy to set up and it really can pass a standard, it is a main selling point.
It is suitable for the bed beside me like a co – sleeper is a better deal, however, I think, in a long utilization.
I don’t really understand this man to low, for little. Well, I’m very happy that I bought it.
I think it is light, easy to move travel or even in our own house.
I also bought a piece of paper, but it’s quite thin pad, However,
if you or someone you know, it is a kind of absolute seam must let your own, is a bit thick, softer.
Anyhow, a great product, I will certainly buy again, perhaps as a gift for others!
Nice Graco Travel Crib,if you want to buy it will have a big discount.